Angie Eckel

Women, Wildness, and Mother Earth

Spring is a time of change and transformation in the natural world. March is also Women’s History month, a time set aside to commemorate, study, and celebrate the vital role of women in our shared American history.

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What About Woodpeckers?

Go for a hike in any wooded area and you are bound to see holes in trees. Some may be from branches that have died and fallen off, some may be from one tree falling and hitting another, but many are probably from the percussion section of nature’s band: the woodpecker. 

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Contemplating Our Place in the Universe

Members of the Minnesota Astronomical Society are passionate about sharing, educating and creating camaraderie through amateur astronomy.

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Onward, Into the Light!

Even though winter is in full swing, daylength is increasing each day. Learn about how the photoperiod plays an important role in every aspect of the natural world.

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Gifts of Time and Talent

We are grateful to our more than 100 volunteers! In 2021, volunteers donated more than 1,000 hours to Belwin. Thank you!

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