Onward, Into the Light!

Even though winter is in full swing, daylength is increasing each day. Learn about how the photoperiod plays an important role in every aspect of the natural world.

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Gifts of Time and Talent

We are grateful to our more than 100 volunteers! In 2021, volunteers donated more than 1,000 hours to Belwin. Thank you!

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Embracing the Dark

When the late fall and winter dark arrives, most of us retreat into our homes, cozy with warmth and family at this time of year. And yet, there is that other half of day that is mysterious and quiet and has its own set of sounds and smells.

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A Force for Good: Chuck and Hope Lea

Volunteers Chuck and Hope Lea gave more than 11,000 hours of their time to Belwin, monitoring bird activity, recording weather data, documenting wild flowers, and connecting kids with the natural world.

Categories: Birds, Fall 2019, Volunteers

Creepy! Spooky! Amazing!

Bats are incredible, amazing and often misunderstood animals. What’s so special about them? Learn more about Minnesota’s most common bat, the little brown bat.

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We are currently holding events at Belwin in accordance with CDC guidelines. Please see individual event descriptions for details regarding COVID-19 safety measures. We are continuously monitoring the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and will modify events as needed in order to follow current public health recommendations.

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