At our annual Music in the Trees event, we invite the community to celebrate the restoration of an aging red pine grove at Belwin through music and performance. For the past few years, we’ve posted these informational slides at the site in order to educate visitors on the history this particular grove as well as the surrounding area. We want to share them with you here again.

As you read about the history of the region, from a distant ice age to recent environmental movements, we invite you to consider the sustainability of the red pines that may live near you now, or others you’ve encountered. Understanding the longer-term ecology of our region can help inform the work of keeping our natural world healthy today.

Ecological chart showing America 50,000 to 12,000 years ago
Information about Belwin area 8,000 to 600 years ago
Information about Belwin area 500 to 180 years ago
Information about Belwin area from 1840 - 1940
Information about land conservation movements in the US
Information about Bell Family and Belwin Conservancy
Information about the red pine grove at Belwin
Information about Belwin's growth in recent years
Information about the history of the land as it pertains to Native peoples in the region
Information about the ongoing efforts to restore belwin's red pine grove

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