Lynette Anderson

What About Woodpeckers?

Go for a hike in any wooded area and you are bound to see holes in trees. Some may be from branches that have died and fallen off, some may be from one tree falling and hitting another, but many are probably from the percussion section of nature’s band: the woodpecker. 

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Onward, Into the Light!

Even though winter is in full swing, daylength is increasing each day. Learn about how the photoperiod plays an important role in every aspect of the natural world.

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Embracing the Dark

When the late fall and winter dark arrives, most of us retreat into our homes, cozy with warmth and family at this time of year. And yet, there is that other half of day that is mysterious and quiet and has its own set of sounds and smells.

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Caruncle, Wattle, Snood and Beard

Caruncle, wattle, snood and beard, tom, hen, gobble and strut… A new language? Some new rap lyrics? Nope! They all refer to the wild turkey.

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The Industrious Residents of Bulrush Slough

Beaver have been residents at Belwin Conservancy on and off for many years, most visibly in Bulrush Slough near the Wetlands Classroom. Beaver are probably best known for building dams that stop water flow to create a pond.

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