During Belwin Conservancy’s 50th Celebration Open House on October 9, you’re invited to take a self-guided tour of large-scale photographs displayed at Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields. The photos were taken by members of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club and are on view along the entrance drive and on the outbuildings.

The Minnesota Nature Photography Club was founded in 1956. Its purposes are: continuing education in the art, science and technique of nature photography; evaluation of members’ photography; appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors; and fellowship. The Club is affiliated with the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC). Learn more.

Thank you, Minnesota Nature Photograph Club members, for sharing your work with us!

Mariann Cyr

Photos: “Dutchman Britches” and “Goldenrod”

Tom Hansen

Photos: “Prairie Whitetail” and “Taking Flight”

Diane Herman

Photos: “Common Yellowthroat at Belwin” and “Cowbird on Bison”

“The Yellowthroat was singing early in the morning on the Belwin prairie perhaps to attract a mate. He was so beautiful in the morning light sitting on green leaves above the prairie grasses and flowers. I took the cowbird photo on a hot, humid afternoon in late August. After lots of time spent photographing the bison herd and individual bison, I noticed all the flies and the birds eating them and decided to capture some close-ups to show more of the life that the bison herd helped to support.”

Scott Landseidel

Photos: “Expectant Coyote,” “Great Horned Owl Mother and Owlet,” and “Bald Eagle Coming at You”

“I spend as much time as I can exploring and observing nature within our metro area. These are some of my favorite subjects. I am honored to of been asked to participate and have these images selected.”

Roslynn Long

Photo: “Resting Bison”

“I participated in a photography workshop at Belwin where we were able to get close up shots of the bison and the prairie. It was fun to see and capture so many different angles of these animals.”

Jeanette Mayo

Photos: “Indigo Bunting,” “Monarch Over Goldenrod,” “Lupine with Bee,” and “Dew Covered Robber Fly”

“Audible indigo bunting songs accented a brutally hot day; when a male came out into the open and landed on some dried wild indigo (Baptisia) stalks and pods (what synchronicity!), I was thrilled to have a closer encounter with this vivid blue beauty.”

“Although watching monarchs flutter around goldenrod is thrilling enough, my hope was to capture the moment of liftoff as the butterfly curls its proboscis before making the transition to another bloom.”

“When conditions are right, sunrise on the dew-covered prairie is breathtakingly magical. Cool temperatures keep insects motionless until the sun warms them up, which is a bonus when trying to photograph normally uncooperative subjects (although the wind can create movement to contend with). I was able to get very close to this dew-covered robber fly and admire it from all angles as it slowly warmed up enough to fly away.”

John Pennoyer

Photos: “Pasque Flowers on the Prairie,” “Bluebird” and “Backlit Prairie Smoke”

“One of my main subjects for photography is the prairies of Minnesota. ‘Backlit Prairie Smoke’ was taken very early in the morning. I set up my photo equipment to get backlighting from the rising sun.”

Deanne Probst

Photos: “4 Female Wood Ducks Looking,” “Green Sweat Bees and Monarch Caterpillar,” and “Prairie Storm Sky Afton”

Trista Snapko

Photo: “Small and Tall”

“I’m drawn to animals in general, especially those considered endangered. These bison are so powerful and strong yet were so docile when I was photographing them. I was honored to ride in the Bison Buggy to get closer to these powerful animals. It was a perfect day to photograph these amazing bison. I was lucky that they let us get so close. The juxtaposition of the small bird next to this giant bison made an interesting composition.”

Sandra Swanson

Photo: “Swallowtail Butterfly”

“Swallowtails are so beautiful. I love to watch them.”

All photos are ⓒ copyright 2021 and the property of individual Minnesota Nature Photography Club members. All rights reserved.

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